My Favorite Places on the Web

Here are a bunch of other sites that I like to visit:

Check out one of my favorite Polka Bands. Go to
Another music related link. Here is a guy I like to listen to. Check out Matt Wahl. He's pretty good, even if he does come from Wisconsin.
Want to talk Cubs baseball with fans all over the world? Want news about whats going on with the Cubs? Do you want to hear about prospects coming up? Go to

Here is a great Blog. It is   Bleed Cubbie Blue by Al Yellon. Check out his views on the Cubs, Movies and more

Remember Old Time Chicago TV? Check out www.FuzzyMemories.TV - The Museum of Classic Chicago Television.
Looking to purchase Baseball autographs, old game used uniforms or other baseball memorabilia? Go to  J and L Memorabilia. Tell them Kasey sent ya.

As a die-hard Cubs fan - it pains me to say anything good about or concerning the Mets, but here is a very nice Web site from someone who is as crazy about uniform numbers as I am. Visit  Mets By The Numbers  to see the history of Met uniforms numbers

It seems there are more and more sites nowadays devoted to uniform numbers. Here is another one. Visit  NumerOlogy  to see the history of Oriole uniforms numbers

Do you want to know what happened in just about any game in history. Check out It is a great site with game details of almost every Major League game played.

Do you want a good laugh? For a light hearted view of the Cubs and Cubdom, check out The Heckler.

Do you have pictures you want to share with people? Create an on-line photo album at

Help find a cure for cancer. Go to The American Cancer Society website to make a donation to fight this terrible disease.

DO you like to grow tomatoes? Would you like to talk about it with other people who are as crazy as you are about tomatoes? Go to WWW.TOMATOVILLE.COM. They speak tomato!

Do you like free things? Go to Your Daily Freebies to find a lot of free things and coupons different companies are offering. New things are added every day! It's amazing how many things you can get for free on the Web.

Did you get a new warning about a new Computer Virus? How about some story about people being attacked by spiders in airport washrooms? See if it is true. Visit the Urban legend site

Want to know how to get there from here? Get personalized driving directions from MapQuest

Want some Baseball Stats? For stats on any player, past or present, try CNNSI.

Here is a site with a bunch of other baseball sites.

Getting the Munchies? Try getting some free Jelly Belly jellybeans from WWW.JELLYBELLY.COM. Enter their survey and get a free sample. Just a few words of warning, the survey is open at different times of the day, and you can only get one free sample every 3 months.

How crowded are the expressways? Thanks to the Chicago-Gary-Milwaukee Priority Corridor web pages, you can check out the current travel times. You can see it in either a graphic format or a text format

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